Sunday, March 10, 2013

March attempt at writing

What to write about? What do I have to say that is worth anyone reading? I honestly don't know.

Now I not only have an I-Pad, I also have a cell phone. I can text, call, check email, play games and scroll through Facebook with either of my new devices. In other words, they both have the potential for copious amounts of time wasted. They also both have the potential for greater communication and the ipad in particular has great potential in my classroom. We bought the phone primarily to be used with our daughter (she got a matching one on the same plan), so that we wouldn't worry about her. (Or at least we will know what to worry about!) I have downloaded a number of educational aps onto the ipad and the children in my class really enjoy it. I hope it is also helping them with their pre-reading skills.

Are either of these devices helping me with my goals? That remains to be seen.

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