Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring break!

Yesterday as I was teaching my grade 2/3 class, I was having them do some journal writing. We talked about what kinds of things they might do during our week of spring break. (Yes, we only get one week in Mission, as compared to to Abby's two weeks!) I asked them where they might go, who they might see and what kind of imaginative games they might play. It was a fun discussion and then I had them get to work. I worked my way around the class checking on their progress. A few minutes into the exercise and one girl piped up and asked "Mrs. Brandt, why don't you write about what you will do?" I didn't have to be asked twice. She gave me a paper and a pencil and I started. In no time, I had half a page stopped their work to watch me scribble. And then I told them to get going, too. Hopefully I motivated them. Here's my entry:

"I love spring break! I am going to sleep in every day and wear my pajamas till noon. I am going to read books, play Candy Crush Saga and Scrabble. I am going to visit my great Aunt. I want to go out for coffee with friends. Micah and I will go out for lunch to A & W to use his gift card and then go to Walmart to buy a Lego set he's been saving up for. I will do our tax forms and catch up on our accounting. I will do some prep work for school. (I just found out yesterday afternoon that I will be teaching a new class after Easter, so I need to do some prep.) I will do some spring cleaning...which cupboards or drawers are the worst? I will work out at least 4 times at the gym. I will go to Victoria to see Sarina dance. I will go to Adriel's play at least once. I will do taxes for Gary, an older gentleman who asks me every year to do his returns and I can never say no."

So, first morning in, how am I doing? I woke up at 2:30 a.m. and couldn't sleep properly after that. I tried to use that time to go through my prayer list...but the headache wasn't letting my supplication take shape. So when the alarm went before 7, I just stayed in bed. Within half an hour,  however, the killer headache forced me up to get my drugs of choice: one Tylenol, one Advil and one diet coke. Obviously they are working, because I'm here. Not great, but better than a few hours ago. I will be leaving shortly to pick up my daughter from the ferry so that we can go to the play together tonight. I've done some scrabble turns, as well as my candy game. (It's really addicting! I should probably stop.) I have my granola in the oven and will call my aunt after I have posted this.

I love spring break. Oh, and who wants to go out for coffee?


  1. I do! I want to go out for coffee! I miss you! You guys should come to Vancouver sometime and I'll cook you dinner!

  2. Sounds like you have a full week planned. I don't think I'll get much accomplished...I'm heading to Europe :) It will be a whirlwind trip, hitting 4 countries in 9 days but hopefully a time of some special memories with Tara (and 36 other people on the tour from).